Finding your true purpose.

"Wow, you wouldn't believe it! I woke up, and discovered what my life purpose is!" Even though that would have been less agonising and a much easier journey, that is seldom the case. And if you're like me, you'd be spending most of your waking hours thinking about your existence. "I mean life cannot be nothing more than my mere existence right?", you'd wonder. There has got to be more to life than waking up, go to work (worse, if it's a job you hate), eat, sleep, repeat. Then on weekends, time with family and friends, leisure or hobby, then repeat.
And to be honest, I only came to a complete realisation just literally a day ago. If you'd like to know what my life purpose and soul's mission is, you can read it here.😉 But then again where is the fun in knowing instantly your life purpose anyways! I know for a fact if I did, I wouldn't be the same person. I wouldn't have learnt from my mistakes and made better decisions. I wouldn't have built mental strength. And most importantly, I wouldn't have appreciated the blessings that will come my way. It is through my trials and error, misguided judgement that made me realise what wasn't meant for me, and what was.
Here's what I've learnt from my journey to realisation and questions that can help you kick start yours.
1. What is it that makes your heart sing with joy?
2. What ignites a fire in your soul, the kind of feeling that makes you feel so fired up you feel like you should take action?
3. What is the change that you want to see in the world?
4. What topics spark your curiosity and interest naturally? One that ignites a passion in you that begs to discover more.
5. What are your natural skills and talents?
If there's anything I've learnt, death of the ego is when you will find your life purpose and soul's mission. You strip away the desire for fame and fortune, recognition and glory, the need for society/religious/spiritual validation, the desire to fit in and be accepted, and feelings of not being good enough. You strip all that away, essentially what's left is the bare truth. The truth you've been seeking. When you are truly aligned with your life purpose and soul's mission, the universe will reward you with abundance, and all good things will naturally follow.

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