Jewellery Care

How to maintain your jewellery:
1. Remove your silver/gemstone jewellery before shower/swimming.
2. Avoid perfume and lotions.
3. Use a polishing cloth or soft cloth to give it a gentle wipe down after each wear.
4. Do not use a polishing cloth on gold-plated jewellery and directly on gemstones.
How to store your jewellery:
1. Store your jewellery in an air-tight bag. Remove any air in the bag before sealing it.
2. Keep air-tight bag with jewellery in jewellery box.
3. Store it away from sunlight.



How to clean tarnished silver jewellery
I get it. Tarnished silver can be a real pain, but it's not the end of the world! Cleaning it is as easy as doing the dishes! Once you have the know-how to maintain them, they will last you a life-time. I've put together an instructional video on how to clean your tarnished jewellery. Scroll down for more tips and tricks on how to maintain and store your beloved pieces.
What you'll need:
1. Baking soda
2. Hot water
3. Bowl
4. Aluminum foil
5. Tongs or Tweezers
6. Clean cloth
7. Jewellery
Disclaimer: Do not use this method with jewellery with pearls or gemstones, as this could damage their finish or loosen any glue.

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