Let's talk about the F word.

I know what you're thinking... you nasty person.😝Friendships is what I'm talking about!
Whenever someone tells me they have no time, I get slightly offended. Are you always the one who had to reach out to that friend to hang out and get rejected time and time again? If a friend is constantly telling you they have no time, makes no efforts to schedule time with you, then it's time to reevaluate your friendship. Because they are simply prioritising their time over you. Period. Got a friend who is always late? Worse, when they do finally show up, not show the slightest remorse? What they are actually saying is "My time is more important than yours." Why would you want a friend who doesn't respect you?
Toxic friends are another thing. They can go on and on about themselves and not once ask you how you actually are. They are the energy vampires and narcissist. They drain your energy and leave you mentally exhausted after. If they always have something negative to say about you (and I don't mean constructive criticism), then they are not your friend. Friends are suppose to be by your side, not just to celebrate your joy and triumphs, but also to stick it out with you during your darkest times.
Friendships like any other relationships is an exchange of energy. It takes two hands to clap. It takes work to maintain a friendship. Always giving away your energy to people who don't reciprocate is not healthy. Look at your relationships objectively. Be honest with yourself. Do you like how your friends treat you? Are you receiving a fair exchange of energy? And more importantly, if you are on the receiving end of the connection, have you been reciprocal?
Some friendships are meant to be there at a stage in your life to teach you lessons, good or bad. And once you have learnt that lesson, they may move on. Do not fear leaving people behind. Friendships come and go, it's all a part of life. Some people grow along with you, while others may fall behind. There may be some who will catch up with you later in life, but till then it is perfectly fine to be on your own journey. Take a step back from your connections, if they notice your absence, they'll reach out, and if they don't, then you'll know where you stand.

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