Yours Sincerely

  • 5 Ways To Spend Your Time At Home

    1. Binge watch on dramas Now's the perfect time to catch up on your favourite TV series.   2. Start a passion project Have a brilliant idea no one has thought of and/or a yearning to start a business? Now's the perfect time to start planning for one. There are so many reasons why start... View Post
  • Let's talk about the F word.

    I know what you're thinking... you nasty person.😝Friendships is what I'm talking about!   Whenever someone tells me they have no time, I get slightly offended. Are you always the one who had to reach out to that friend to hang out and get rejected time and time again? If a friend is consta... View Post
  • Speaking my TRUTH.

    I recently left my cushy job of teaching of 8 years to run my own jewellery business. Sounds insane? Yeah, maybe. Teaching was my first job and the only thing I knew how to. I was young, fresh out of Art school, not much direction and/or mind of my own. My elder sister was a teacher, and her sc... View Post