Diamond Club Membership

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I've signed up, where can I find my points and redeem my rewards?

Welcome as a new member! You will find your points when you click on the 'Rewards' tab on the bottom right hand corner of your screen. 


 2. How do I refer a friend and gift her $10 off her first purchase?

You can refer a friend by sharing referral link here. 



Your friend will be directed to our website and a widget will be launched on the bottom right for your friend to enter his/her email. 

The $10 voucher will be emailed to your friend. 

The $10 voucher is only valid for first-time purchases and customers who have not registered with us prior. 


3. Will my points from past purchases prior to signing up for an account still be accumulated? 

Yes! All purchases made in the last 6 months, included those made with a guest account online, are tagged to the email. Simply activate your account by registering your email to start your membership. 


4. My birthday is today/tomorrow and I've added it to my membership. Why didn't I receive my free 300 points?

The system has been automatically coded to prevent birthday fraud. 

A customer will only be rewarded points if they enter their D.O.B at least 30 days before their birthday month. If a customer were to enter their D.O.B less than 30 days from their birthday, their points will only be sent to them next year. 

However, we would still like to reward you on your birthday! Simply make a purchase, write in with your order number and a photo of your billing address and D.O.B to verify your identity. 

We will do a 10% rebate back to your card.