Victory Ring


Inspired by goose grass swaying in the wind. Victory shows sculptural movement that is poetic and romantic at the same time. Her soft rhythmic lines create the illusion of movement, mimicking the care-free nature of swaying goose grass in the wind. Wear Freedom necklace for a matching look.


Inspired by the characteristics of naturally grown wildflowers. Wildflowers are grown freely and are able to flourish in the most unlikely places. You can find them in cracks and crevices, and even sprout in dark dingy places. They may be ignored and trampled on, but still manage to thrive despite the odds. ​The collection brings forth their beauty and resilience which can be often overlooked.


  • 925 sterling silver
  • 18K gold plated
  • Finish: High polish
  • Handcrafted by Southeast Asian artisans
  • Dimensions (top): 0.8 cm (h) x 3 cm (w)
  • 182.00