Why we should be like Wildflowers.

What is a wildflower? They grow freely anywhere and everywhere. They are resilient to temperamental weather and can flourish in the most unlikely places. You can find them in cracks and crevices, and they can sprout in dark dingy places. They may be ignored and trampled on, but still manage to thrive despite the odds.
I'll be honest here. There were many times in my life that I just feel like giving up. Giving up on that project, giving up on that idea, giving up on someone, giving up on that workout regime, the list goes on. Giving up is to surrender defeat, to decide you are going to fail at it anyways, so you no longer want to put in the effort. However, it is important to know the distinct difference between what you should give up on and what to let go of. Letting go requires strength and courage, while giving up is weak and cowardly. Letting go requires some level of maturity and introspection, while giving up lacks depth. Letting go requires faith and trust that all shall work out for your highest good, while giving up lacks the basis of it.
Much like how wildflowers are grown, the wind carries the seed and decides where they take root and make it home. The seed is our ideas, the wind is our fate, and taking root marks our destiny. Wildflowers do not force to decide where its fate takes it, it simply allows. What it chooses to do next, making do with the circumstances of its environment, it thrives fearlessly, planting its roots deeper and growing its stem higher to pave the way for its destiny.
There were many things I had to let go of and it is still a journey for me. I had to let go of negative thought patterns about myself, my worth, my capabilities. I had to let go of people, places, things, situations that no longer serve me. I had to let go of fear that was stopping me from pursuing my dreams. It is a continuous journey for me that I choose to acknowledge and celebrate.
That's what makes wildflowers so admirable. It simply allows... Have a heart like a wildflower. Choose to be free, adaptable and resilient. 🌿

Food for thought

What actions would you like to take today to pave the way for your dream destiny? What must you choose to let go of?

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