About Rina Lee Jewellery


Growing up in a traditional and strict household, I was a shy and timid kid. Being a sensitive child, I rarely voiced my opinions and didn’t have the courage to make my own decisions. This continued to be a theme after I graduated from Art college. So naturally I followed in my elder sister’s footsteps and pursued a career in education. During those years, many friendships and romantic relationships were forged and lost. I've learnt a great deal about myself (and people) - who I am at my core and who I wanted to become, essentially what my values were. I knew deep down I was meant for more, and my soul was yearning for more. And so I left my job, and started my own jewellery brand. I had zero business and jewellery knowledge. But I knew I had stubborn determination, passion and a drive to succeed, backed up with a keen sense for design and aesthetics. 

Today, my past have shaped my personal values and has become a huge part of my brand’s values and mission - Self-Love, Strength & Courage.
At its core, Rina Lee Jewellery is about community, healing and empowering women to be their true authentic selves. By incorporating healing gemstones with mindful design, our jewellery function as soul reminders and encouragements that stay with you through life’s ups and downs.