A former Art teacher, Rina Lee has held a life long love and appreciation for adornment. She sees wearing jewellery as a form of self expression and as works of wearable art. 

Jewellery making has been a part of her life for the longest time. In her first jewellery brand, she started out assembling bits and bobs together, but later felt the urge to create original designs that were meaningful and refined. Rina’s love for art and design, hands on approach, grit and persistence led her on a journey to creating the Rina Lee Jewellery that you see today.

Besides satisfying her thirst for creativity through designing, Rina also enjoys curating stunning pieces for you! Only curating pieces she love and believes are uplifting for you, is always in the forefront of her decision making process.
Trained with a Visual Arts background in Singapore, then later Contemporary Arts at the University of Tasmania. Rina manages to marry the two together in an unconventional way, and is seen evidently in her designs. 




"Love yourself, Transform your life.

Rina Lee Jewellery was created to inspire women to be better versions of themselves. An advocate for self-love, she believes that through self-love, a woman can absolutely conquer anything in life.

You have what it takes to be a leader of your own destiny and to be an inspiration to others. Rina aims to design and curate meaningful jewellery that will complement your conquest. Be it battling naysayers, negative vibes, or simply on a journey to self-love, our jewellery will ensure you look elegant, stylish and luxurious throughout your day, and all at an affordable price point.
Led by the Universe, her designs tell stories of self-love, courage and strength. Our Fine & Demi-fine pieces are affordable luxuries made by fair trade artisans and ethically sourced materials.