Blair South Sea Pearl Pendant

  • 460.00

The Blair Pendant features an iridescent Australian South Sea Baroque Pearl, mounted on a 18K white gold bail. Inspired by myths and legends, narrating tales of pearls manifested by Mermaid's tears. The organic shape of the baroque pearl emulates what tears would look like. Its primary design made up of organic lines gripping the top of the pearl was inspired by drifting sea kelps underwater. Wear Blair with any chain of your choice for a contemporary look.


Legend has it that there once lived a Prince who sailed across dark waters in search for the most beautiful creature that pirates have claimed they've seen. The search went on for many moons. When the Prince was just about to give up, he caught a glimmer of shine at the corner of his eye. And there she was. The Prince couldn't believe his eyes! The creature had an upper body of a woman, and the lower body of a fish's tail. Her iridescent tail shimmered under the moonlight, her lustrous mane glowed. They locked eyes. It was love at first sight.

The Prince would visit her regularly, but soon  he had to return to his ailing father and Kingdom for good. The mermaid was devastated. She swam to the depths of the sea, and wept her lonely heart. Her tears transformed into iridescent pearls that filled the seabed. Legend has it that wearing them would bring the wearer self-love and feminine beauty. 

  • LIMITED EDITION: Only 4 pendants made
  • 18K White gold
  • Stone: Cultured Australian South Sea Pearl
  • Shape: Baroque
  • Colour: Silver and gold tones
  • Finish: High polish
  • Dimensions: 11 mm (w) x 23 mm (h) approx. 
  • Ethically sourced
  • Handcrafted by Singapore artisans
  • No two pendants are the same due to the organic nature of the pearl and design.


Pearls help to balance the human body’s natural rhythms and hormone levels with the lunar cycles. This stone will bring you inner wisdom and help to strengthen and nurture the growth of pure love.

Pearls when worn, spread loving vibrations. Pearls and relieve uneasiness, nervousness, anxiety and tension.  They also have a positive effect on people who are inclined to hold in their emotions. These Moon and Water ruled stones enhance sincerely, truth and loyalty.