Amethyst Round Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver

  • 65.00

Amethyst is one of our favourite gemstones of all time, so we just had to add it to our Kaleidoscope collection! It is no secret that it is an all round excellent gemstone for bringing peace, calm and protection to its wearer. With its subtle decorative prong setting, it promises elegance and sophistication to your everyday style. 


KALEIDOSCOPE is an array of coloured gemstone earrings collection. Our delightful 5mm stud earrings are the perfect essential piece that will take you on your daily adventures, all while reaping the healing benefits of your charming crystals.

  • 925 Sterling silver
  • Rhodium plated
  • Stone: Amethyst
  • Stone cut: Round
  • Finish: High polish
  • Stone dimensions: 5 mm
  • Ethically sourced
  • Handcrafted by Southeast Asian artisans


Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone. It guards against psychic attack, transmuting the energy into love and protecting the wearer from all types of harm, including electromagnetic stress and ill wishes from others. Amethyst is a natural tranquilliser, it relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety.  Alleviates sadness and grief, and dissolves negativity.