Dandelion Motif Ball Dangle Earrings - Rose Gold Plated

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Blow off a dandelion with a single breath and make a wish! Whether this superstition is true or not, we can't help but feel romanced by the idea. A symbol of hope, romance and happiness. Designed to dangle close to the earlobes for a fun and flirty look.

Also available in Sterling silver.


Inspired by the characteristics of naturally grown wildflowers. Wildflowers are grown freely and are able to flourish in the most unlikely places. You can find them in cracks and crevices, and even sprout in dark dingy places. They may be ignored and trampled on, but still manage to thrive despite the odds. ​The collection brings forth their beauty and resilience which can be often overlooked.

  • 925 sterling silver
  • 18K Rose Gold plated
  • Finish: High polish
  • Dimensions: 10 mm (w) x 20 mm (h)
  • Handcrafted by South Asian Artisans

Dandelions have a long-standing relationship with love and romance. There are many beliefs about blowing these fluffy puffballs for luck. Some believe that the seeds that remain after you blow them off determine whether your partner is also thinking about you (the higher the number of seeds, the stronger the connection between you). While others think that if all the seeds come off in one blow, it means that your love and commitment is strong. Dandelions often make for a very poetic expression of love.