White Sage - Bundle of 2

  • 30.00

This White Sage is sustainably harvested in the mountains of Southwest California. Used for environmental purification, crystal and auric cleansing it harnesses incredibly strong aromatic properties. The very smell of white sage invokes peace and higher thoughts.

This listing is for 2 white sages. 

  • Sustainably harvested
  • Measurements: 4 inch
  • Packaged as a bundle of 2 white sages

House Cleansing

Burn a small portion of the sage/palo santo stick. Fan the smoke to encompass the space or you can start from the door and walk in clockwise direction covering the perimeters of the room. Place remaining burning palo santo in the centre of the house to complete your cleansing.

Auric Cleansing

Start by setting your intentions. Light sage/palo santo stick. Let it burn for a few seconds or till flames go out on its own. Wave the smoke all around your body, starting from the crown of your head, under your arms, around your torso, working your way down to the base of your feet.

Crystal Cleansing

Hold the crystal in your hand. Allow smoke to envelope the crystal for around 30 seconds. Affirm it with positive thought or prayer.