Empath Protection Crystal Kit - Set of 7 Healing Crystals

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It's hard being an empath. You are highly sensitive to energies and get affected by negativity more strongly than others. I feel you. That is why this crystal kit is especially curated for you. This kit consists of 7 healing crystals that are tailored to soothe, balance and protect your energy. Carry them with you, meditate, or have them near you to reap its healing energies. 

Read "Protecting your energies as an Empath" for more insight. 

1 x Fluorite
1 x Hematite
1 x Lepidolite
1 x Amethyst
1 x Rose Quartz
1 x Clear Quartz
1 x Black Tourmaline
1 x RLJ Satin Pouch
  • Ethically sourced
  • Crystals will be packaged in a RLJ satin pouch
  • Measurements: Ranges from 50mm (Rose Quartz) to 25 mm (Lepidolite)
  • Crystals will be cleansed with loving intentions before delivering to you
  • Colour, shape and size of crystal will vary 
  • Note: Do not get Fluorite wet, as it will disintegrate in water.
1. Placing Them In Your Environment

You can experience the benefit from your crystals simply by placing them near you, holding them in your hands, or carrying them in a pouch with you.

2. Meditating 

Set quiet time aside. Hold crystal in your left hand during mediation to receive its healing energy.


3. Setting Intentions
Your crystal holds energy and you can feel tiny pulses when you clasp them in your hand. Holding the crystal in your hand, close your eyes, then take in deep breathes and exhale slowly. Set your intentions aloud or mentally with your crystal (this can be what you want the crystal to work for you). Once done, thank your crystal and go about with your day.